AI generated images

Instead of fearing what the new technology could mean for designers creative work, I choose to embrace it.

AI-generated images are like a magic wand for design! They help me visualise my wildest dreams and ideas, bringing them to life before my very eyes. It’s like having a personal genie that can make all of your design wishes come true. It’s like letting your imagination run wild, without any pesky boundaries holding me back. And did I mention how incredibly fun it is? Take a look at all of those cute cat images. 


I make various collections of images with a help of AI generator (Midjourney).
Interested to see more? Have a look at my purrfect football fans collection. 

Creative illustrating

Either it’s a postcard, book illustration or a poster, I take a good care of the message you want to send with it.

Here are some examples of posters for Brilliant movies being shown again at the cinema theatres.